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Introducing the New PoreSmart software

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you! While our software isn’t new, we’ve recently given it a significant upgrade, complete with two crucial features that have led us to properly name it: PoreSmart.

Why PoreSmart?

PoreSmart is the evolution of our Porometer software, now equipped with even more advanced capabilities to provide unparalleled insights into material properties. Of course, it retains all the user-friendly features our customers love from the current software, from the streamlined parameter settings, to the built-in intelligence, and sleek outputs, including integration with Excel.

Introduction of two exciting new features

  1. An additional way to measure the bubble point: BP pCF

    BP pCF stands for the bubble point measured as a user-defined percentage of the cumulative flow. It represents the percentage ratio of the wet to dry curve, which offers significant advantages for bubble point determination.

  2. Introduction of two-stage curve fitting

    • Wet & dry curve fitting

      • Pore size distribution curve fitting

        The two-stage curve fitting implemented in the PoreSmart software helps extract meaningful results from measuring curves by removing the noises and fitting the curve into a mathematical function that matches best the set of experimental data.

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The ORTEC® Products Group of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology has released ANGLE Version 5, a software application for calculating efficiency calibrations for high purity germanium and sodium iodide gamma spectroscopy systems.

ANGLE Version 5 brings a major update to the efficiency modeling algorithms with numerical integration being replaced by Monte Carlo methodology and cascade summing corrections applied to nuclide branching ratios. A variety of default materials to define common sample matrices are also included along with the ability to save calculation results and model images to new file formats.

“ANGLE is an excellent tool to address radioactive source management and complex sample matrix challenges,” states Ken Embury, ORTEC Product Manager. “The new Monte Carlo modeling algorithm and determination of nuclide branching ratios corrected for coincident cascade photon emission are key features that significantly improve gamma spectroscopy system measurement accuracy



The ORTEC Products Group of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology has released AlphaVision Version 7.0, a software application for Alpha Spectrometry measurements and data management.

AlphaVision is a comprehensive software solution for alpha spectrometry that seamlessly integrates with ORTEC Alpha Suite products including the Alpha-Aria, Alpha-Duo, Alpha-Mega, and Alpha-Ensemble spectrometer systems.

“AlphaVision’s extensive functionality is complemented with an intuitive interface that is well suited for all types of alpha spectroscopy applications,” states Ken Embury, ORTEC Product Manager. “Version 7 is fully Windows 10 compatible and includes flexible reporting and data integration capabilities, comprehensive quality assurance, and detailed event logging for auditing operations.”


Introducing Inhalytix®: a new solution for analysing and managing inhaler test data from Copley

Inhalytix® is a completely new software solution from Copley, the global leader in inhaler testing equipment, that brings a standardised approach to cascade impactor data analysis, efficiently converting raw data into performance-defining metrics for all inhaled products. Cascade impactors determine aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD), a critical quality attribute for inhaled drug delivery. Inhalytix® is flexible, user configurable and suitable for all cascade impactors in routine use, for both standard and bespoke test set-ups and methods. It handles the entry, analysis and reporting of APSD data to company and regulatory standards, in accordance with draft USP Chapter <1603>, Ph.Eur. Chapter 2.9.18 and relevant US FDA guidance. The software also serves as a database for laboratory cascade impactor inventory enhancing data traceability and integrity.

Cascade impaction involves quantitative recovery and chemical analysis (typically by HPLC) of the size fractionated aerosol from an inhaled product to generate a drug specific APSD. The technique generates substantial quantities of data. Inhalytix® is the successor to Copley’s highly regarded CITDAS™ software, built from the ground-up, drawing on the company’s established expertise in this area. It uses the same core calculation protocols but offers significantly enhanced functionality allowing customers to configure:

  • Reports – choosing which metrics to include to ensure the consistent and informative delivery of results, to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Equipment – selecting from a library of test equipment to handle standard and complex equipment configurations.
  • Methods – to combine detailed product information with reporting and equipment configurations, and to define metrics such as stage groupings and fine particle dose.

Interactive routine analysis, with a defined method, proceeds via a simple three-step process: Prepare, Execute and Analyse. Data can be entered manually or imported and comparison tools simplify assessment of the results, especially when comparing test and reference products in the case of generics. Using the equipment database users can link mensuration data, which quantifies changes in the critical dimensions of an in-use impactor, to specific, serialised impactors. This capability enhances data traceability and makes it possible to use actual rather than nominal dimensions to calculate APSDs, with greater accuracy.

Inhalytix® incorporates new metrics such as Impactor Sized Mass (ISM), Large Particle Mass (LPM), Small Particle Mass (SPM) and LPM/SPM ratio, amongst others and handles a broad array of impactors and components, including abbreviated impactors such as the Fast Screening Andersen (FSA). The software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with user access management and audit trails, and is also fully validated with a unique, built-in, auto-validation capability. Available in various expandable, multi-user licence configurations, Inhalytix® can be either server, cloud or individual computer-based, enabling access in and away from the lab.

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