Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett from Biolin

Launching Biolin Scientific’s newest instrument, the Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett is a semi continuous LB deposition for large scale (up to a few hundred cm^2) thin-film fabrication.
The Roll to Roll technique is a relatively new technique that has been used and proven to be effective in its fabrication.

The Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett is best suited for scientist & researchers interested in:

  1. Fabrication thin-films in relatively larger scale
  2. A multi-function Langmuir Blodgett
  3. Interested in the technical specs of Langmuir Blodgetts.

Flexible-one LB for all

Available in single side/double sided option

The Roll to Roll LB can be used for regular LB/LS/isothermic experiments, just like the rest of Biolin’s L & LB

Adjustable components to accommodate for different types of materials/substrates. 

Compatible with all existing LB accessories (i.e. MicroBAM)

User-friendly Ergonomics
Made with single piece of PETE plastic for zero contamination.

Please contact us for more information (i.e. technical paper).

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