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Customisation of Large Area PCB Probe Station with EVERBEING

This was a customised solutions that Analytical Technologies has worked with EVERBEING for probing onto your PCB boards, accommodating a range of sizes according to your specifications. Our stations seamlessly integrate with various applications, including DC, RF, mmW, and High Temperature capabilities. Certain models also support double-sided probing (top and bottom) for enhanced versatility.
Please find the link below to access the complete inventory of available probe stations, which includes detailed information about the Large Area PCB Probe Station.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss customizing a probe station tailored to your project requirements.

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EVERBEING’s mmW Probe Stations

mmW for other modules
EB-6V mmW for other modules
mmW for Anritsu
EB-6A mmW for Anritsu

EVERBEING has recently released millimeter wave (manual) probe station. It is available in two models; EB-6A (specifically for Anritsu mmW modules) & EB-6V (for all the other frequency extenders).

For more information, please view the collection for our mmW probe stations, or view more details of the other probe station collections.

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