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New coating system for multi balloon catheters and peripheral stents is validated by customers

Recently, a Siansonic new ULTRASONIC BALLOOON CATHETER COATING SYSTEM for drug eluting balloon and peripheral stent, passed the tests by customers in the implantable medical devices industry. This ultrasonic coating system is mainly used for depositing drug layer on multiple balloons or peripheral stents. Equipped with multiple units of ultrasonic nozzles and liquid feeding system, it can coat multiple balloons and stents at the same time. Moreover, the unique design of balloon fixture can realize the rapid loading and unloading of balloon catheter and greatly improve the production efficiency. The patent of this multi balloon and peripheral stent drug coating system has been applied.

Siansonic has nearly 40 years of experience in ultrasonic atomization technology. The ultrasonic coating process based on ultrasonic atomization technology has become the standard production process of anti-restenosis drug coating for vascular stents and balloon catheters with its advantages of accurate deposition control ability and excellent coating uniformity. The ultrasonic coating system and ultrasonic nozzle of Siansonic have been used by dozens of implantable medical device manufacturers all over the world. As of October 2021, Sianosnic has sold more than 200 sets of ultrasonic coating system and ultrasonic nozzle for manufacturing of drug eluting stents and balloon catheters.

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Ultrasonic Sprays onto balloon mounted catheters

Ultrasonic spray nozzles are advantageous in penetrating complex stent geometries, ensuring full coverage of all strut surfaces without webbing. The soft atomised spray adheres well to surfaces and coating morphology characteristics can be adjusted by modifying process parameters.

Pressure spray nozzles and air atomisers are not able to apply coatings as uniformly as ultrasonic coating systems. Coatings applied using ultrasonics are much thinner than can be achieved with dip coating, saving spray material while avoiding webbing. Since ultrasonic nozzles are non-clogging devices, spray quality is not compromised over time due to gradual clogging as seen in pressure nozzle processes.

​Advantages of Ultrasonic Spray for Stent Coatings:

  • Highly controllable and repeatable spray.
  • Non-clogging ultrasonic technology.
  • Ability to spray at flow rates in the microliter per hour range.
  • Droplet sizes as small as 9 microns (with organic solvents) with very tight drop distributions.
  • Low velocity spray adheres to stents without bounceback or overspray.
  • Proven process for coating implantable stents & other precision medical devices.
  • Highly durable coatings will not flake or peel.
  • Over a decade of experience coating with hundreds of systems in operation.

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Ultrasonic Sprays onto balloon mounted catheters Read More »