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Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett from Biolin

Launching Biolin Scientific’s newest instrument, the Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett is a semi continuous LB deposition for large scale (up to a few hundred cm^2) thin-film fabrication.
The Roll to Roll technique is a relatively new technique that has been used and proven to be effective in its fabrication.

The Roll to Roll Langmuir Blodgett is best suited for scientist & researchers interested in:

  1. Fabrication thin-films in relatively larger scale
  2. A multi-function Langmuir Blodgett
  3. Interested in the technical specs of Langmuir Blodgetts.

Flexible-one LB for all

Available in single side/double sided option

The Roll to Roll LB can be used for regular LB/LS/isothermic experiments, just like the rest of Biolin’s L & LB

Adjustable components to accommodate for different types of materials/substrates. 

Compatible with all existing LB accessories (i.e. MicroBAM)

User-friendly Ergonomics
Made with single piece of PETE plastic for zero contamination.

Please contact us for more information (i.e. technical paper).

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Biolin’s Theta Flex wins Red Dot Awards

Biolin Scientific’s newest Contact Angle Meter, Theta Flex has won the Red Dot Award 2020. 
The Red Dot Award is a yearly award given to the great product design in 2 different awards; best innovative products & best smart products.

For products that stands above the rest, the Red Dot Award will give a “Best of Best” to the top 1.2% of all entries entered- an indication of their groundbreaking design quality .  For Theta Flex to win the Best of Best in Industrial Design category meant that every detail of the design is coherent and well thought through.  Theta Flex is a top quality product that our clients can feel safe to purchase.

Analytical Technologies is very proud to be one of distributors of Theta Flex and Biolin’s other instruments. Click here to understand more about Theta Flex and its other Contact Angle Meters

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*New Product* Biolin Launches QSense High Pressure

Biolin Scientific now launches QSense High Pressure, the QSense series that allows real-life high pressure & temperature conditions (can be set up to a maximum pressure of 200 Bar and a temperature of 150 °C). 

The system is built upon the versatile and modular QSense Explorer providing plenty of add-ons if you want to widen your view.

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Why has “nano” become so popular? – Biolin Scientifics

Nanotechnology has been around for decades, and it is in the rising popularity more than ever. What makes nanotechnology so important? What are the things we need to know? Join the experts in Biolin Scientific as they explore into the opportunities and the challenges involved in the nano world.  Watch the video now!

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Biolin New Product Launch: Theta Flex

Analytical Technologies is proud to be the distributor of Biolin Scientific’s latest optical tensiometer – Theta Flex. 
Attention Theta Flex is an all-in-one, multifunction tensiometer with an all-inclusive software. Focused on user-experience, the Theta Flex is designed to include everything you need for the application into one single instrument; environmental chambers, tilting cradle  disposable liquid tips etc.  

Theta Flex is made suitable in a wide range of applications, suitable for both research and industrial level. 

To learn more about Theta Flex, click here.

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