Integrating Raman microscopy & advanced automation

HORIBA’s newest creation, LabRAM Soleil Raman Microscope is a automated fast imaging Raman microscope that is capable of carry out chemical characterising processes across many different fields. It can be use on pharma, polymer, micro-plastics or just about any materials you could think of. 

LabRAM Soleil is highly user friendly; it is a fully automated system & with the class-one laser safety, users can use the microscope with ease & comfort. LabRAM Soleil is integrated with SmartSampling™ technology, a technology that uses contrast analysis. This allows users to quickly identify the key data, saving time away from interpreting homogeneous data. 

HORIBA’s focus on user’s experience can be seen throughout the instrument. LabRAM Soleil is not just any microscope, it is HORIBA helping hand to help scientist & researchers worldwide to dive deeper into the world of science. 

This article is sourced from an interview with Thibault Brulé, the applications Engineer from HORIBA Scientific during LabRAM’s launch at Pittcon 2020. He goes deeper into the explanation of HORIBA Soleil, the true user-centric microscope.  Please contact us for more information. 

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