HORIBA launches their latest AFM – SignatureSPM

HORIBA attends analytica 2024 – The Laboratory Technology Trade Show and Conference in Munich from April 9 to 12  with nine live demonstration sessions, running from Tuesday to Thursday, starting April 9, 2024.

NEW PRODUCT: Enhance the AFM with Chemical Signature

Dive into the convergence of automated AFM and Raman/Photoluminescence spectrometry with our new chemical AFM. Obtain comprehensive analyses in a single measurement, reduce result acquisition time, and offer powerful chemical characterization to AFM users.

SignatureSPM is the first microscope built on a multimodal characterization platform, integrating an automated Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with a Raman/Photoluminescence spectrometer, enabling true colocalized measurements of physical and chemical properties.
Through the combined physical and chemical knowledge obtained in a single, and real-time measurement, the researcher can obtain a reliable and comprehensive analysis of the sample, with a shortened time to knowledge as a result of lesser sample handling and a data acquisition of with a high confidence level, thanks to the correlation of difference measurements.

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