Analytical Technologies Singapore

Have an equipment you are looking for?

With over 30 years of experience in this field, we possess the expertise and knowledge to identify and recommend the most suitable equipment for your current projects. Our extensive background ensures that we understand the unique requirements of various scientific endeavors and can provide tailored solutions that enhance your work.

Already have an equipment in mind? We have the resources and capabilities to procure scientific equipment from around the world. Beyond sourcing specific instruments, we can also present a range of alternative options at competitive prices, ensuring you find the best fit for your budget and project needs.

Why Choose Us?

When you can just buy it yourself

Safety & Protection

Damaged products? Our professional team can help communicate with the supplier and look through your equipment before sending it straight to you.

Custom & Taxes

Rather than spending time looking through the different countries' taxes and customs, leave it to us to do the conversions and communications.

Shipping & Delivery

Helping you track and locate the status of your equipments while you focus your on hand projects. We can even help you set up after delivery.

Reccomendation & Help

We can recommend you alternative solutions, and any help you would need in general

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