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Vibration Sensitive
(Optical Table)

Kinetic systems offers 5 performance level for its optical tables with different types of breadboards and materials. The varying degree of the optical table; with the highest grade (ultimate grade) to the most economical grade (Economy Grade). It is the perfect choice for scientist and researchers to conduct any vibration sensitive experiments such as optics research and experiments requiring lasers.

Kinetic systems offers a wide variety of optical table accessories that is best coupled with Kinetic System’s optical table and other vibration-isolating equipment.

Vibration Isolation Products

Optical Table

Ultimate Grade

Extreme stability & rigidness

Research Grade

Dual tuned Damping & Breadboard Damping

Laboratory grade

Tuned Damping 

Utility Grade

 Broadband Damping using\proprietary epoxy formulation

Economy Grade

Price competitive without losing its quality

Optical Table Support

Auxiliary Work Surfaces

Suspended drawers mounted on top of workstations

Tabletop Enclosures

Enclosed environment to encase the ideal environment/prevent wind

Laser Mounting Shelf

Laser Mounting Shelf underneath the top surface

Laser Port

Port to allow lasers beams to travel through the table surface

Modular Butt Splice

The connectors used to join two top surfaces together

Lap Splice Kit

Joining  two tables of the same thickness

Seismic Restraints

Retrofitted restraints that hold up to a 1g seismic load of 4000 lbs

Portable Air Compressor

Extremely quiet with full set of PAC

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mmW Series

Probe station in millimeter wave

EB Series

Adjustable chuck with fixed platen

BD Series

Adjustable platen with fixed chuck


Light & compacted EB Series