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4-Point Probe

The 4 point probe is a simple apparatus for measuring the resistivity of semiconductor samples. EVERBEING’s 4 point probe is very suitable for a wide range of applications such as sheet resistivity.

The material of the probe tips are generally Tungsten Carbide. If you wish to have other specifications, please feel free to contact us

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mmW Probe Station

EverBeing Intl Corp

Our manual probe stations can fit all brands of frequency extender modules to allow direct connection to RF probes without using additional waveguides from probe to flange. All mmW probe stations are back-lash free, providing a more stable & accurate result during applications. 

Available are two versions. EB-6A is specific for Anritsu mmW modules only. All other frequency extenders should use EB-6V. Catalogues are embedded in the links. Each mmW probe station also has its unique modular micropositioners, capable of moving a resolution as low as 0.5µm.

If you wish to have a more customisable service (e.g. unique frequency extender), please contact us.

EB-6A (for Anritsu Board Band mmW modules)

  • Integrated Heat-Sink and Mount for Millimeter-Wave Modules
  • Double-Side mmW Probing (Upgradeable)
  •  4.5” Probe Card Holder compatible
  •  Coaxial Style High Precision Stage

EB-6V (for VDI, OML, Keysight, R&S Millimeter-Wave Modules)

  • Firm and stable positioners for extenders and tuners of all sizes
  •  Integrated dial gauge determining contact scratch on probes
  • North & south bridge for additional DC and RF micropositioners


  •  High Performance RF
  • Single Broadband Probing
  • Differential mm-Wave
  • Basic DC (IV/CV) High Performance RF

Don’t have the product/ brand that you are looking for?

 Request us to help find it.