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The COMTESSE System was developed in a cooperation of aixACCT Systems GmbH and the DLR (German Aerospace Center). The task was to develop a measurement system, which is able to measure all important parameters of thermoelectric materials in one single temperature cycle. As a result of this process the COMTESSE System is a flexible and easy to use product for characterization of thermoelectric materials:

  • Measurement Principle
  • Highlights/Benefits
  • Specifications

Measurements Principles - electrical conductivity and Harman ZT

  • Drive sample with DC or AC current to determine electrical conductance
  • AC measurements increase reproducibility and reliability

Measurement Principles - Seebeck and thermal conductivity

  • Highly sophisticated COMTESSE amplifier grants maximum resolution

Measurement Setup

  • Supports various sample geometries
  • Symmetric setup allows to measure bidirectional for data verification


  • Temperature dependent measurements of the most important thermoelectric material parameters in one single setup and within one temperature cycle:
    • thermal conductivity
    • electrical conductivity
    • Seebeck coefficient
    • Harman ZT
  • Reduced measurement time
  • Reduced effort for sample preparation
  • Compact hardware setup for easy usage
  • Structured interface for quick data access
  • Different user level – grants access to advanced measurement parameters


Measurement range (typical)
Seebeck coefficient: 10-1000µV/K
Electrical conductivity:1-10000S/cm
Thermal conductivity:1-20W/mK
Measurement accuracy (typical)
Seebeck coefficient: S < 5%
Electrical conductivity: s < 10%
Thermal conductivity: k < 10%
Figure of merit: Harman ZT < 20%

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