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Probe Stations

EVERBEING’s probe station uses the modular concept; the modular micropositioner, tip holder, probing tips & other accessories. This makes EVERBEING’s probe station extremely customisable. The microscope on the probe station can also be changed & customised to the user’s preference.
Generally, there are two types of probe station; the BD series has a movable XY platen & EB series a movable XY stage. The C series is the more compacted version, with C-2 the smallest probe station in the EVERBEING’s collection.

EverBeing Intl Corp

mmW Series

Probe station in millimeter wave

EB Series

Adjustable chuck with fixed platen

BD Series

Adjustable platen with X-Y stage



Light & compacted EB Series

C-2 Mini Station

Smallest probe station with 2” chuck

CG Series

Cryogenic Probe Station


RF probe station w the C-2

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