Analytical Technologies Singapore

ParticleMaster imaging systems simultaneously measures; size, shape and velocity of individual particles, droplets or bubbles dispersed in gas, liquid or multiphase flows. High-magnification shadow imaging with eye-safe LEDs or ultra-short laser pulses is applied giving confidence in the measurement method, as you can directly see the results of the particle imaging process.
Data acquisition and interactive image analysis with direct feedback and instant result generation are performed with the powerful ParticleMaster software module in DaVis.

ParticleMaster inspex system is especially designed for quality control applications in industrial environments. It serves as a highly integrated laboratory and testing tool for the measurement of size, shape and velocity of spray droplets, particles and grains.

The ParticleMaster inspex combines the advantages of high-magnification shadow imaging with an easy-to-use design. When particle properties are important process parameters and have to be monitored in real time or inline, our ParticleMaster inspex shadow systems are the right choice.

ParticleMaster 3D Shadow systems are based on tomographic shadow imaging. It uses multiple shadow projections the tomographic reconstruction module in DaVis calculates the position and shape of particles, bubbles and droplets in 3D space. With time-resolved recordings particle trajectories with velocity and acceleration data are measured.

Time-resolved tomographic shadow imaging was successfully applied in bubbly flows for 3D flow imaging of both phases.


ParticleMaster is a great system for intelligent imaging for particle & droplet characterisation. Using PIV, IMI & other techniques, ParticleMaster has the abilty to measure ize, shape & the movement velocity of droplets, bubbles & particles for research, industry and even large quantities for quality control.