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nicoya LIFESCIENCE aims to provide a holistic solution that allows all scientist & research to be able to own their very own high quality SPR instrument.  This is achieved by using the localised surface plasmon resonance technique. LSPR is able to produce much more sensitive measurements than SPR as it has a much smaller evanescent field and it has negligible bulk effect, which hinders the accuracy of the result.  

All nicoya SPR instruments are standalones and are design to complete the entire process within the instrument. Currently there are three versions available; the original openSPR and openSPR-XT, the automated version that allows applications that requires extended hours. 

The newest addition to the SPR family; Alto is the world’s first SPR instrument to integrate digital microfluidics (DMF), artificial intelligence (AI), and nanotechnology. DMF technology enables all fluidics to be disposable, allowing for precise handling of 2μL sample volumes, crude sample compatibility and zero maintenance. Alto’s compatibility with automation for both hardware and software provides sample-in/answer-out data, industry leading throughput, and 24/7 runtime.



All-in-one, self-sufficient SPR

openSPR XT


Automated, functioning 24/7


The world’s first digital high‑throughput benchtop SPR system

SPR Sensors
SPR sensor

OpenSPR Sensors

High-quality sensor chips made affordable

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