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Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) is a surface characterisation technique that measures the change in frequency of a thin quartz sensor/resonator . This is done by placing the quartz in between two electrode which is then excited to oscillate at its resonance frequency using an alternating voltage.  The resonance frequency is dependent on the total oscillating mass of the sensor and sensor surface adhering layers, including coupled water. The frequency decreases when a thin film is attached to the sensor.  QCM can be used in a wide range of applications such as characterisation of physicochemical properties of candidate drugs, such as stability and solubility.

Biolin Scientific uses the QCM-D technique, which measures & analyses the frequency and energy dissipation response of the freely oscillating sensor, thus generating results more accurately and faster. 

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QSense Pro

Automatic & fully integrated for large scale characterisation

QSense Analyzer

Fast Processing Speed with High Quality 

QSense Explorer

Versatile & highly compatible with multiple add-on modules

QSense Initiator Biolin Singapore

QSense Initiator

Everything with all the core functions

Add-ons Module

Electrochemistry Module

Compatible with QSense Explorer & QSense Analysers

Open Module

Direct access to sensor surface required for quick absorption

Ellipsometry Module

Compatible with QSense Explorer

For UV induced reactions, suitable for QSense Explorer  & Analysers

Flow Module

Compatible with QSense Explorer & QSense Analysers

For modules sensitive to Titanium flow part here exchanged for PTFE 

Humidity Module

Compatible with QSense Explorer & QSense Analysers

Extend temperature to 4-150 °C

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