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Commonly used by surface scientist to measure surface and interfacial tension, optical tensiometers uses the pendant or sessile drop methods. A drop is produced and captured using a CCD Camera,  the drop profile is extracted and the software integrates the profile and fit it in the Young-Laplace equation. Surface tension can then be calculated from the fitted parameters. 

The Theta series encompasses the different needs and specific requirements when measuring surface tension & interfacial tension.  

Theta Pulsating Drop

*NEW* Theta Pulsating Drop

Uses pulsating drop method & best for interfacial rheology measurements

Theta Pico Biolin

*NEW* Theta Pico

Contact angle meter that measures the wettability on small areas effectively

Theta Flow Biolin

*NEW* Theta Flow

Better, improved that measures static & dynamic contact angles with touch display & environmental monitoring

Contact Angle Meter (CAM) Theta Flex Singapore

Theta Flex

Better, improved that measures static & dynamic contact angles

Theta Lite

Simple, compacted, user-friendly, precise

Theta High Pressure

Measuring contact angles, wettability under pressure & temperature

Theta Topography

Measures roughness corrected contact angle

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