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There are two Vacuum Ultra-Violet Systems; one is Vacuum Ultra-Violet (VUV) Spectrometers & VUV for Synchrotron Beamlines.

Our partner, HORIBA has been focusing on the exploration of Synchrotron Beamlines. Working on projects all over the world & supplying gratings, mirrors, chambers or complete beamlines.  While VUV monochromator innovative aid and support the synchrotron centers and scientific community.

For Enquiries about Synchrotron Beamlines, please contact us for more information.

VUV Monochromators & Systems


Compacted Monochromator for Far Ultraviolet


Monograph for far and extreme ultraviolet


Toroïdal Grating Spectrpgraphs for the 9.5-170nm region

TGM -Series

Toroïdal Grating Monochromators

PGM -Series

Plane Grating Monographs in the 1 - 175 nm spectral range

Related Instruments

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