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Rayleigh, Raman, luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence emissions from a sample provide an enormous range of information about the sample chemistry and construction. Most biological and organic materials absorb strongly in the deep UV, corresponding to their first electronic state, and emit fluorescence and phosphorescence at longer wavelengths. Luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra are independent of excitation wavelength.

Therefore, deep UV spectrometers is capable of providing a wide range of applications that are similar to Raman, fluorescence & Rayleigh.

Deep UV PHOTON Systems Singapore Analytical Technologies
DUV Spectroscopy

Mini PL 110

Mini Deep UV PL/Raman Systems

DUV Raman PL 200

Traditional Deep UV Raman & Fluorescence Spectrograph

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Deep UV Lasers

Deep UV Lasers

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