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Many organic molecules such as amino acids are chiral in nature, making regular spectroscopic techniques ineffective on them. CD is a dichroism technique is an absorption spectroscopy that uses the overlapping difference between the absorption of the left and right circular light, solving the asymmetrical nature of chiral molecules. The technology helps to simplifies the research step to measure things that were previously hard to detect; the minor changes in secondary & tertiary structure, as well as quantifying Higher Order Structure (HOS).

The Circular Dichroism technique is exceptionally useful in the bioscience field, where the extensive study of chiral molecules is required.

Chirascan Series
Circular Dichroism Chirascan

Chirascan V100

Higher sensitivity & accuracy

Circular Dichroism Chirascan

Chirascan VX

The Original Chirascan

Chirascan Q100 Circular Dichroism Applied Photophysics Singapore Analytical Technologies

Chirascan Q100

Providing detailed insights into HOS for complex biomolecules

CD Accessories

Accessories for all Chirascan instruments

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