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MicroNIR Spectrometers

MicroNIR is the technology of using Near-Infared (NIR) lasers to create handheld, compacted & cost competitive spectrometers capable of measuring excellent & accurate results at a micro level.

NIR Spectroscopy is great for detection of chemical & physical compositions, characterisation & identifications of complex components. NIR Spectroscopy is also very effective for analysing solids & liquids, making it a very powerful & effective tool in the pharmaceutical, food & agricultural field.

MicroNIR Process Products are designed for on-line or in-line monitoring of processes while the Handheld Products are made for flexible at-line measurements

We distribute our MicroNIR Spectrometers from VIAVI

MicroNIR Process Products


Equipped w linear variable filter (LVF) for analysing movement


Standalone with Wireless & Wi-Fi compatible

MicroNIR Process Products

MicroNIR Pro

Highly customisable USB-powered spectrometer

MicroNIR OnSite

Compacted & ruggedised, build for on-site real-time analysis

MicroNIR Tablet Probe

Ergonomically designed to analysis individual pharmaceutical tablet

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