Analytical Technologies Singapore

LUDLUM provides alpha-beta floor monitoring of various sizes & purposes.

The Model 239-1F Floor Monitor is a gas proportional floor monitor detector mounted on a roll-around cart. The instrument features a flow system, quick-connects, a gas bottle mount, and a means to adjust the height of the detector from the floor for optimum performance. 

The Model 240 Alpha-Beta Floor and Wall Monitor allow a user to quickly survey large areas for alpha-beta contamination. Compatible with either gas-proportional or scintillation detectors, the Model 240 cart comes in a floor-style only version, or a version that supports both floor and wall monitoring

Food Guard

Model 239-1F Series

Alpha-Beta Floor Contamination Monitor
594 cm2 or 821 cm2 Active Area Gas Proportional Detector

Model 3002/FM Series

Alpha-Beta Floor Monitor
Gasless - Uses Scintillators and PMTs
Dual-Tone Audio: Low-Pitch Beta Clicks and High-Pitch Alpha Beeps

Model 240 Series

Alpha-Beta Floor and Wall Monitor
Quickly Surveys and Datalogs Large Areas with 173 cm (68 in.) Wide Path