Analytical Technologies Singapore

We provide 2 different types of instruments for body radiation monitoring systems.  A full body that is ergonomically designed to be compact  with a large Service Space in a footprint of 900 x 840 mm (W x D), ready to be used. The other are hand & foot radiation monitoring system that is designed for to quickly detect radiation contamination. 


Model HBP-29

Beta or Alpha-Beta Body Monitor
Plastic Scintillation Detectors

Model HBP-22

Body Contamination Monitor
Beta Body Monitor
Plastic Scintillation Detectors

Hand & Foot

Model 215

Dual Purpose Alpha Frisker & Hand Monitor Station
Detector Operates Independently
Air Proportional Detector with Integrated Electronics

Model 3276HFM

Alpha-Beta-Gamma Hand & Foot Monitor
Simple Setup and Use
User-Adjustable Alarms
Can be retrofitted with multiple detectors

Model 3277HFM

Compact Alpha-Beta Monitor
Plastic Scintillation Detectors
Optional Frisker
Optional Rechargeable Battery Backup

Model 4901P

Beta-Gamma Monitor
Pancake GM Detectors
Password-Protected Parameters
Non-Volatile Memory Requires No Battery Backup

Model 4906A

Alpha Hand & Foot Monitor Air Proportional Detectors

Model 4906AB

Model 4906 with Alpha-Beta Monitor Gas Flow Proportional Detectors

Model 4906P

Alpha-Beta-Gamma Monitor
Pancake GM Detectors

Model HFC-8

Hand, Foot, and Clothing Monitor
Alpha-Beta Hand & Foot Monitor
Plastic Scintillation Detectors

Model 4906A

Alpha-Beta-Gamma Hand & Foot Monitor
Low cost
Easy to set up