Analytical Technologies Singapore

We provide 2 different types of instruments for food radiation monitoring systems.

The ORTEC FoodGuard-1 Sodium Iodide Food Screening system is designed for the rapid screening of foodstuffs, both solids and liquids, for radioactive isotope contamination.

The FoodGuard-2-AK uses of a high resolution high purity germanium (HPGe) radiation detector, each and every gamma-emitting radionuclide in the sample may be quantified in terms of specific activity in Bq/kilogram or Bq/lite

Food Guard


Food Screening System Based on NaI(Tl) Radiation Detectors


High Resolution Germanium Gamma Spectroscopy Workstation

LabRAM HR Revolution

Add On Kit for High Resolution Germanium Gamma Spectroscopy Workstations