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Air Monitoring System

The Air Monitoring System provides a Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) for measurements during emergency response situations. It is lightweight, ergonomically designed to be a portable workplace monitor, to provide workers with an early warning of an airborne release.  Available in alpha, alpha beta & tritium detectors. 

Floor Monitoring Systems

Attached to a floor roller, the floor monitoring system is a holistic system that is used to detect radioactive materials that is specifically targeted for the ground.  Detector-to-surface spacing is adjustable and detectors are positioned for no “dead” zones when scanning. Available in Alpha-Beta and Alpha-Beta-Gamma .  

portal Monitors

Portal Monitors are used for beta-gamma personnel contamination monitoring and meet the FEMA standard for Emergency Response Portal Monitoring (FEMA-REP-21).  They are designed for different levels of portal requirements ( testing for humans/ vehicles) when passing through the portal. Available in Plastic Scintillator Detectors that measures Beta-Gamma or Gamma rays. 

Food Monitoring Systems

ORTEC Food Screening system is designed for the rapid screening of foodstuffs, both solids and liquids, for radioactive isotope contamination. Primarily designed for “front line” response for food producers, traders, import, and export agencies, etc.

Gate/Vehicle Detection Monitors

The gate detection system is a large scale semi-permanent permanent setup to provide a full and complete detection of the radioactive levels for cars and vehicles when it passes through. 

Hand & Foot Monitors

As the hands and feet are the easiest to come into contact when having a long-term contact with radiation, hand & foot monitors becomes essential when detecting radiation levels. Available for Alpha-Beta-Gamma detection. 

Laundry Monitors

Laundry Contamination Monitor is intended for automatic monitoring of both alpha and beta-gamma contamination on clothing or other light articles presumed to be free of radioactivity, or within release or reuse limits. 

Emergency Response Kits

The Emergency Response Kits by Ludlum allow users to quickly exchange detectors in the field for faster readings and responses. It is intended to be a ready-to-go kit during emergencies or NORM applications. 

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