Analytical Technologies Singapore

LUDLUM offers a variety of specialised radiation survey meters that are targeted for very specific purposes, (i.e. types of isotope detection).  Contact us for more information about the type of survey meters best suited for your projects.

Specialised Meters

Model 194

Accurate (Energy-Flat) Ambient Dose Equivalent Rate Measurements
Low Range: Background to 19.99 µSv/h (1999 µrem/hr)
High Range: 1 to 1999 µSv/h (0.1 to 199.9 mrem/hr)

Gamma Survey Meter

Model 3-97

Digital microR Survey Meter
Wide Range from μR/hr to 200 mR/hr
4-Range Analog Ratemeter

125I & Alpha-Beta-Gamma Survey Meter

Model 3-98

125I & Alpha-Beta-Gamma Survey Meter
Dual Purpose Detection
4-Range Analog Ratemeter
User-Selectable Internal and External Detectors

High Range Alpha Ion Chamber

Model 195 w Model 43-132

High Range Alpha Ion Chamber
Range High Range reads as 0 to 1999 million dpm, but the usable range is 0 to 900 million dpm.
Low Range is 0 to 19.99 million dpm