Analytical Technologies Singapore

LUDLUM provide different variation of the pock-sized survey meters of the Model 2401 Series that is targeted for very specific types of radiation detection (i.e. gamma, alpha, beta, x-ray, etc)

Most of the Model 2401 Series are 3-Range Analog Meters, with the only exception of Model 2403. 

Model 2401 Series

Model 2401-EC

Gamma Survey
Internal Energy-Compensated GM Detector
Sensitivity (137Cs): 1050 cpm per mR/hr

Model 2401-ECA

Model 2401-EC with alarm

Model 2041-EC2

Model 2401-EX with a Sensitivity (137Cs) of 100 cpm per mR/hr

Model 2041-EC2A

Model 2041-EC2 with alarm

Model 2401-EW

Alpha-Beta-Gamma Survey
Integrated Meter with End-Window GM Detector
Sensitivity (137Cs): 1050 cpm per mR/hr

Model 2041-EWA

Model 2041-EW with alarm

Pocket-Size Radiation

Model 2401-P

Alpha-Beta-Gamma Survey
nternal Pancake GM Detector
Sensitivity (137Cs): 3300 cpm per mR/hr

Model 2401-P Dose

Model 2401-P with Dose Filter

Model 2401-S

microR Pocket-Size Survey Meter
Low-Level Gamma & X-Ray Survey
Internal CsI Scintillator Detector
Sensitivity (137Cs): 100 cpm per µR/hr

Model 2402

Pocket-Size Ratemeter with alarm
Accommodates a Variety of Detectors

Model 2403

Model 2402 with 4-Range Analog Meter