Analytical Technologies Singapore

LUDLUM provides portable neutron meters with a cadmium-located polyethylene sphere surrounding a 3He detector of various sizes (according to the purpose of the meter). 

The neutron detector is designed to detect thermal and fast neutrons . Neutrons are detected indirectly through nuclear reactions, which result in energetically charged particles. 

Neutron Meters

Neutron Meters

Model 30-7 Series

Lightweight Digital Neutron Survey Meter
Small & Light 19.5 cm (7.7 in.) REM Ball

Model 12-4-7

Neutron Dose Survey Meter
Smaller, Lighter 7-inch Polyethylene Ball
Gamma Rejection up to 0.1 Sv/h (10 R/hr)

Neutron Meters

Model 30-4

Low-Weight Device Substitutes for Ratemeter
22.9 cm (9.0 in.) REM Ball

Model 12-4

Moderated Neutron Detector
22.9 cm (9.0 in.) REM Ball
Gamma Rejection up to 0.1 Sv/h (10 R/hr)

Model 2241-4

Digital Scaler-Ratemeter
Model 42-31H 3He Proportional Detector
Ratemeter with Built-in Scaler Function

Model 375-31H

Area Monitor with Neutron Detector
3He Proportional Detector
48-Hour Battery Backup

Model 2363 with 42-41L

Neutron and Gamma Detection
Analog + Digital Scaler-Ratemeter
External Model 42-41L PRESCILA Detector
Internal GM Detector

Model 15

Neutron and Alpha-Beta-Gamma Detection
4-Range Analog Meter
Model 42-14H 3He Proportional Detector