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Modelled after best selling Model 3, LUDLUM continued the series that are designed and tested to USA standards for intrinsic safety, permitting it to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The Model 25-IS and Model 25-IS-1 are intrinsically safe versions of the Model 25 Series Personal Radiation Monitors. They are small, rugged devices designed to warn emergency response personnel of any dangerous radiation fields that they may encounter, and are certified for use in areas where explosion safety is a concern.

Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically Safe Survey Meter

Model 3-IS

4-Range Analog Meter
Supports Select GM & Scintillator Detectors

Intrinsically Safe Gamma Ratemeter

Model 3-IS-1

Intrinsically Safe Gamma Ratemeter
4-Range Analog Ratemeter
Built-in Energy Compensated GM Detector

Intrinsically Safe Personal Radiation Monitor

Model 25-IS Series

Intrinsically Safe Personal Radiation Monitor
Water Resistant Design
6000 Hour Battery Life