Analytical Technologies Singapore

One-handed frisking for alpha and beta contamination. The operation of the Model is kept simple through the use of just two to three buttons that are strategically placed for one-handed operation.

The Model 26 series may also be ordered with a standard 3 mm (1/8 in.) plug, mono headphone jack to better monitor the instrument’s audible output in noisy environments.


Model 26

Basic Lightweight Design Simplifies Frisking

Model 26-1

Units: cps, cpm, µSv/h, mR/hr, dpm, Bq

Model 26-1 DOSE

Integrated Frisker with Dose Equivalent Filter

Model 26-2

Integrated Frisker with Timed Frisk Units: cps, cpm

Model 26-3

Model 26-3

Dead-Time Correction Allowing Gamma Measurements up to 1000 mR/hr (1999 µSv/h)