Analytical Technologies Singapore

LUDLUM provides data loggers with in-built & optional data logging capability that are designed to be user-friendly with various modes of operation (RATE, MAX, INTG, and COUNT)  for detection of alpha, beta, gamma, or neutron radiation survey.  

Data Loggers

Geiger Counters

Model 3005

Internal Energy-Compensated GM Detector
Splash-Resistant Construction for Outdoor Uses
Range: 0.001 to 50 mSv/h (0.1 to 5000 mR/hr)

Model 3019

Digital microR Survey Meter
Very Sensitive Internal CsI Detector
Splash-Resistant Construction for Outdoor Use

Model 2350-1

5-Range Digital Meter
Stores 1000 Data Points
Supports 16 Detector Setups
Supports GM, Proportional & Scintillator Detectors

Model 2360

4-Range Analog Meter with Digital Scaler LCD
Simultaneous Alpha & Beta Measurements with Audio Discrimination
Logs 550 Data Points