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Personal Radiation Meters by Ludlum detects the illicit transport of radioactive materials. They are designed to provide an indication of elevated radiation levels for law enforcement personnel or customs inspectors to detect radioactive materials accurately and efficiently. They are also known as radiation pagers & might be used for screening during patrols or at events.

The dose range of the Personal Radiation Meters are from 0.001 mSv/hr to 9.99 Sv/hr (0.01 mR/hr to 999 R/hr) in dose range & 0 to 999 Sv (0 to 999R) in accumulated dose range.

Personal Radiation

Personal Radiation Meters

Model 25 Series

Lightweight, Rugged & Shockproof Construction

Intrinsically Safe Personal Radiation Monitor

Model 25-IS Series

Intrinsically Safe