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High Power Laser Diode provides high-intensity light sources for lasers that applications such as direct material processings & medical purposes. All highly powered diodes face a common problem, overheating. Overheating would shorten the diode’s lifespan and affect the diode’s operating potentials. 

Available in actively cooled and passively cooled bars & fiber-coupled bar. Actively cooled provided diodes with longer lifetime and low thermal resistance while achieving high power levels. Passively cooled bars are designed to handle more challenging industrial applications, with a unique design to prevent  Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) to the laser diode facet even at extremely high output powers.

Fiber-coupled bars is the long tradition that provides golden standards of what is to be of high power laser diodes. 

We distribute our HPL diodes at II-VI Lasers Enterprise.


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Multi-channel Analysers

The compacted bar is a highly reliable & hard soldered microchannel cooler drastically simplifies the water-cooling requirement. It is capable of giving out high output (>250W) at CW & QCW while maintaining operating lifetime.
Reliable operation > 10,000 hours.
Wavelength: 808, 900-1064 nm
Options: FAC lensing

High intensity light, with stacks of up to 8 bars can be stacked into a frameless stack housing. The egronomical design gives flexibility & smallest stack footprint. The Offers up to 800W CW & 1600W qCW output per bar.

Wavelength: 8xx, 9xx, 10xx, 14xx nm 
Options: FAC lensing

Single Channel Analysers

The passive 24.8mm x 24.8mm Cu block cooler , developed at our Zurich site, prevents Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) to the laser diode facet even at extremely high output powers. Available at 40W 30%, 60W 27%& 80W at 50% fill factor.
Wavelength: 79x, 80x, 830nm and 88xnm

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