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Radioisotope Identifiers are very important for defence security; it needs to be able to detect radioactive sources & distinguish it from a potential weapon. Understanding the need for rapid & accurate detectors, ORTEC developed handheld radioisotope identifiers can deliver quick and accurate detection on the go.

All Detective instruments base their superior performance on cryo-cooled ORTEC HPGe detectors coupled to unique identification algorithms developed from an original Technology Transfer License from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (TL-01754-03 and TL-01753-03) and improved based on actual in-field experience.

ORTEC now has expanded its series of HHRIIDs with their RADEAGLE series; the scintillator technology-based radioisotope identifiers that are capable of delivering one of the fastest (less than 30 seconds) & most accurate results even in complex shielded or masked scenarios.

Detective Series
Radioisotope Identifiers Detective X Singapore

Detective X

Improving the golden standards


Portable & lighter version of the Detective X


Mini HIIDS for HPGe nuclide identifiers


For detection of very specific materials

Radioisotope Identifiers Detective X Singapore


Portable High Resolution HPGe Gamma Spectrometer for in-situ measurements

Detective-200 Ruggedized

Ultra-High Sensitivity, Transportable HPGe Radionuclide Identification System



Specifically designed for rugged operating environments


High sensitivity with rapid measure of up to 4 isotopes


RADEAGLE made for marine purposes


Handheld, measures up to 6 isotopes <30 secs

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