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Alpha spectroscopy is used to identify and quantify radionuclides based on the alpha particles emitted in the decay process. Typically, samples are measured following chemical separation to isolate the radionuclides of concern due to the complexity associated with correcting for these interferences with spectrum analysis software as is common for many Gamma Spectroscopy measurements. A complete Alpha Spectroscopy System consists of particle detector, vacuum chamber, analysis software & electronics.

Alpha Suite

Alpha Duo

Compact, all-in-one, bench-top, dual channel alpha spectrometer

Alpha Mega

Compact, all-in-one, bench-top, large chamber, single channel alpha spectrometer

Alpha Ensemble

Modular, all-in-one, bench-top or rack-mount, Multi-chamber alpha spectrometer

Alpha Aria

All in one single channel alpha spectrometer



Ion Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package

Si Charged Particle Radiation Detectors

Narrow spectrum linewidth of <0.06 nm from 375-1060 nm

807 Vacuum Chamber

For routine alpha/beta counting


Alpha Spectrometry Management