Analytical Technologies Singapore

Easy-to-operate and portable tablet thickness testers for busy production environments. Copley’s range of calipers and thickness testers are simple and easy-to-use instruments, designed for use by the press operator on the compression floor.

Tablet Thickness Tester 700 is a dedicated pocket-sized unit for simple, one-handed operation. Just switch the device on, zero the gauge, select the units, insert the sample, release the jaw and read off the measurement on the clear LCD display.

Tablet Thickness Tester 547 is a more sophisticated unit than the Tablet Thickness Tester 700, this gauge enjoys many of the same features but can be used in two different modes: (1) ‘Direct measurement’ mode which provides actual thickness (2) ‘Comparator measurement’ mode whereby a +/- variance from a pre-set norm is indicated on the display. This is extremely useful for rapid checks in the production environment.

Digital Caliper 500 is a convenient, hand-held electronic caliper, for quick, simple and convenient tablet thickness testing. Supplied in a handy plastic storage case, the Digital Caliper 500 can be readily connected to data processor units for statistical process control.

DTGi series

Tester 547

Direct measurement’ mode which provides actual thickness

Tablet Thickness Tester 700

Pocket-sized unit for simple, one-handed operation

Digital Caliper Model 500

Hand-held electronic caliper, up to 150mm