Analytical Technologies Singapore

We offer a range of ancillary products required in addition to the dose collection device and cascade impactor to make up fully operational systems for determining the Delivered Dose Uniformity (DDU) and Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD) of orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs).

Breathing Simulators

BRS 100i

Specifically designed for generating neonatal, infant, child and adult breathing patterns

BRS 200i

Up to 900 mL volume suitable for the testing of Nebulisers and MDIs with Spacers and Valve Holding Chambers (VHCs)

BRS 300i

A larger volume of 0 mL – 5 L, making it the ideal unit for the testing of MDIs and DPIs for improved IVIVCs

Flow Controllers

BAC 100i

Breath Actuation Flow Controllers

TPK 100i

Critical Flow Controller

Flow Meters

Flow Rate Sensor FRS

Consistent and accurate inlet flow rate measurement for DDU & APSD

Flow Meter DFM 2000

Operating on the basis of thermal mass principle

Vacuum Pumps

LCP6 – Low Capacity Vacuum Pumps

Ideal for MDIs, nebulisers, ADIs and nasal products tested at 28.3 L/min

HCP6 – High Capacity Vacuum Pump

Achieves maximum flow rates of up to 416 L/min

SCP6 – Super Capacity Vacuum Pump

Sonic (P3/P2 ≤ 0.5) flow rates through the NGI up to 100 L/min

Benchtop Environmental Chamber


Cost-effective, compact, benchtop to achieve stable environmental conditions for DDU & APSD

Anti-Static Grounding Kit

Safely grounds the analyst for effective static elimination

Electrostatic Eliminator

Neutralising static across a broad area

Digital Static Meter

Handheld device ideal for quick checks of the electrostatic charge level around the equipment

NGI Cooler

NGI Cooler™

Support testing in a temperature-controlled environment, cooling the impactor to 5°C

Inhaler Testing Workstation

ITW for DDU Testing

Keeps Collection Tube, Filter Support Cap, vacuum connection, flow meter and Waste Shot Collector (WSC2) in place during the testing process.

ITW for APSD Measurement

Providing sable support for the impactor during testing, together with the flow meter.

Glass Expansion Chambers

Glass Expansion Chambers

To increase nasal deposition and minimise deposition in the lungs