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Copley’s comprehensive range of world leading products for inhaler testing extends to equipment, software and services for every stage of development for both innovator and generic products. 

The devices used for inhaled and nasal drug delivery are collectively referred to as orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs). Contact us for more information of the products.

The DDU is the total mass of drug emitted from the inhaler and hence available to the patient.Delivered Dose Uniformity (DDU) is measured by firing the test device into a sampling apparatus which contains a filter. The active drug caught on the filter is then dissolved in solvent and analysed using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

The Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (ASPD), along with Delivered dose, is widely recognised as a Critical Quality Attribute in the in vitro characterisation of OINDPs. The ASPD of an aerosol will determine where the particles in that cloud are going to deposit in the body, amongst other information. 

Inhaler Testers

Delivered Dose Uniformity (DDU)

Designed for MDIs, BAIs, DPIs, Nebulisers, ADIs & other Nasal Products

Waste Shot Collector

captures the waste doses produced during inhaler testing

Andersen Cascade Impactor(ACI)

Most commonly used impactor

Multi-Stage Liquid Impinger (MSLI)

Versatile four–stage liquid impinger w

Glass Twin Impinger (GTI)

Glass Impinger: Non corrosion prone as compared to other metal impingers

Next Generation Impactor (NGI)

A new impactor of ACI specifically designed for testing MDIs, DPIs and ADIs

IVIVC Test Systems for DDU


IVIVC Test Systems for DDU


IVIVC Test Systems for APSD

Facemask Testing

Testing in relation tp the facemask & the patient

Spray Force Tester Model SFT 1000

Measuring the maximum impaction force of MDIs & nasal sprays over the duration of the spray plume

Plume Temperature Tester Model PTT 1000

Consists of a polypropylene sampling tube, w the horizontal section of the USP Induction Port.


Breathing Simulators

Generate an inhalation and/or exhalation profile that mimics that of a human subject

Critical Flow & Breath Actuation Control

Control the test conditions needed when analysing DPIs, MDIs, Nebulisers, ADIs & other Nasal Products

Flow Meters

Flow Meters with the required range & accuracy to measure the flow in inhaler testing systems

Mouthpiece Adapters

Specially moulded from high-quality silicone rubber

Vacuum Pumps

The heart of every inhaler testing system

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