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Littrow Lasers

Similar to Littman/ Metcalf laser systems, Littrow lasers are made using a unique and patented technology to create lasers that are hands-free, with up to  up to 30GHz mode-hop free tuning available. 

Sacher Lasertechnik improved by minimising the reflection on the diode while maximising the diffraction grating efficiency. Typical power values range between 20mW and 200mW for single mode diode lasers & 500mW and 1000mW for the Tiger series, depending on the wavelength.

We distributed Littrow Lasers from Sacher Lasertechnik.

Sacher Laser Technik Singapore Analytical Technologies

Littrow Laser System

Monolithic Tunable External Cavity Laser

Tiger Series

Tapered Littrow Lasers

Cougar Series

Board Area Littrow Laser

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