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High Power Laser Diode

VSCELs laser diodes provide a lot of perks; it is able to withstand high operating powers without the risk of facing COD. It is widely used for data & telecom transmission.

II-VI’s designs are very application focus, it creates VSCELs that caters to some of the greatest applications & industries; providing high speed with great reliability datacom in transmitting information and optical sensing powers.  All powering at the best & most commonly used wavelength of 850nm. 

One of the perks of VSCELs is the ability to conduct layer-by-layer tests while it is still in a wafer form. This lowers the risks and potential waste during production. Taking this in full potential, all VSCELs laser diodes created by II-VI are tested under strict requirements to ensure VSCELs produces the clearest and high-quality beams.

We distribute our VSCELs Laser diodes at II-VI Lasers Enterprise.

Laser Diodes Singapore Analytical Technologies


10G Single Chip

850nm 10Gb/s VCSEL Chip

10G - Dual Top Contact

850nm 10Gb/s VCSEL Array

14G - Dual Top Contact

850nm 14Gb/s  VCSEL Single Chip & Array

25G - Dual Top Contact

850nm 25Gb/s VCSEL Single Chip & Array


Laser Diode

850nm SM Chip

850nm Polarization Locked Single Mode VCSEL Chip

High Power VCSEL Array

HPL VCSEL Array up to 4 W pulsed power @ 850nm & 940nm

High Power MM VCSEL Chip

Mini Half-Bar At 50W

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