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CW Diode Laser module

The Cheetah series is a mount designed for distributed feedback laser (DFB) and Distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) Lasers.  The Cheetah Series is available for DFB lasers from 760nm to 1630nm (can be further customised) that can go down to 2nm for single units . All functions can be operated via GPIB, USB, or RS232.

The Cheetah Series is an industrial lasers designed to be readily available for OEM & other very  customised services. The TEC-070 is a special laser that is developed for Industrial Customers who need a Fiber Coupled Laser Beam Deliver .

We are a proud to distribute CW diode laser from Sacher Laserstechnik.

Sacher Laser Technik Singapore Analytical Technologies

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