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CNI Diode Lasers

CNI lasers belonged to a specialised category;  providing an extensive range of fundamental lasers that can be used in all types of applications. All CNI lasers are made with great precision; each type of laser comes with varying specifications from ultraviolet to infared spectrum (i.e. wavelengths).  Made to be modular, the flexibility and the extensive range of lasers allows users to find the perfect lasers & diodes  to be easily integrated & customised for the different research & applications.  

CNI lasers provide the fundamental lasers that are durable and competitive, allowing users built on & build across applications.  CNI is best known for its DPSS lasers, being one of the largest manufacturers in DPSS lasers & diodes. 

We are proud distributors of CNI lasers. Please contact us for advice on laser customisation. 

Diode lasers

High Stability Laser

Long-term stability of <1% from 375mm-980 nm

TEM00 Mode Diode Laser

Diode Lasers with perfect beam TEM00 Mode Diode Laser

Narrow Linewidth Lasers

Narrow spectrum linewidth of <0.06 nm from 375-1060 nm

Ultra Narrow Linewidth

Diode Lasers with Ultra narrow linewidth <8X10-8 nm


Long Coherence Length

Diode Lasers with Coherence length >1 m from 400-642 nm

Wavelength Tunable Laser

DPSS Laser with single pulse energy up to 10 J from 266-1573 nm

Picosecond pulsed laser

Repetition rate from  0.1-80 MHz at a pulse width of 100-1000 ps


Specialised at gas detection at a narrow linewidth of up to 2MHz


Equipped w linear variable filter (LVF) for analysing movement


Standalone with Wireless & Wi-Fi compatible


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