Analytical Technologies Singapore

The manual microscope stages of the EK Series are designed for both upright & inverted microscopes. This series are available with ranges of travel up to 300 x 300 mm, with stages exceeding 150 x 150 mm equipped with a patented quick adjustment so that economic working remains guaranteed even at larger ranges of travel.

The EK manual microscope stage series can be equipped with MR measuring systems. (MTM-MR series)

EK Series

Manual Microscope Stage EK-100-x-100 Singapore

EK (100x100)

Travel range: max. 102 × 102 mm

Manual Microscope Stage EK-150-x-150 Singapore

EK (150x150)

Travel range: max. 153 x 153 mm (6″x6″)

EK (200x200)

Travel range: max. 205 × 205 mm (8“×8“)

Manual Microscope Stage EK 300x300 Singapore

EK (300x300)

Travel range :max. 305 × 305 mm (12“×12“)