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Märzhäuser is the international manufacturer in developing original designs of manual & motorised mechanical microscope stages for almost all existing microscopes (both upright & inverse microscope). Each series is designed to suit different kinds of applications within the entire market of microscope applications.

Märzhäuser carries microscope stages with a wide variety of travel ranges; offering customisable requests for ranges of travel even up to 600 x 600 mm. Additionally, microscopy stages can also be retrofitted together with other measuring stages, with some already been integrated.

Manual- EK Series

The manual microscope stages of the EK Series are designed for both upright & inverted microscopes. These series are available with ranges of travel up to 300 x 300 mm, some with a patented quick adjustment so that economic working remains guaranteed even at larger ranges of travel. Additionally, the EK series is equipped with Märzhäuser’s measuring stage.

Motorised - SCAN plus Series

SCANplus is the advanced version of the SCAN series with improved accuracy values & integrated with measuring systems. Enhanced by special adaptations, these microscope stages are perfectly in line with nearly all current microscopes. Additionally, the SCANplus series also has a special long-term lubrication system guarantees that specifications are maintained, even after a very long-running period.

Motorised – ECO Series

Microscope stages of the ECO series are equipped with an integrated measuring system and offer high SCAN accuracy at a low price. Available with and without coaxial drive, with developed CERASIST® surface coating makes surfaces almost completely free of wear.

Motorised - SCAN Series

The SCAN series has been specifically designed for applications that require automatic & very high precision positioning of samples. Enhanced by special adaptations, these microscope stages are perfectly in line with nearly all current microscopes. Similar to the SCANplus series, the SCAN series also has a unique long-term lubrication system that ensures quality even after many uses. Available for both upright and inverse microscope.

Motorised- BASIC Series

Designed for specifications with more fundamental requirements, the BASIC series is designed as a cost-effective solution for upright microscopes with travel ranges of 75 x 50 mm.