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Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) are designed for spectroscopy in the MIR spectral range. A schematic description of the gain mechanism is given in the drawing. Opposite to conventional diode lasers, the optical gain is generated via an interband transition of the conduction band. With this band gap design, wavelengths in the MIR spectral region are accessible for spectroscopy applications.

Sacher Lasertechnik’s Quantum Cascade Lasers are customised to made for mid range spectrometers. Its greatest advantage is the ability to maintain high linestrengths under near room temperature (RT) operations. It is also relatively more sensitive and performs better in the MIR range, making it a perfect laser. There are two types of QCL lasers, pulsed & CW laser.  The mid-infrared rays range (QCL series) is 4.4µm up to 9.5µm, expansion of the wavelength is up to availability. 

We distribute our Quantum Cascade Laser from Sacher Lasertechnik..

Quantum Cascade

DFB QC Lasers

Distributed Feedback Quantum Cascade Lasers (1050cm-1– 1950cm-1)

QCL ECL Lasers

Tunable Quantum Cascade laser using Littrow / Littman

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