Analytical Technologies Singapore

OWIS provides optomechanics solutions that help scientists & researchers, where it would be the most important to meet the utmost precision requirements.

The positioning systems from OWIS provides services for a large variety of applications for manifold combination possibilities -linear, rotary, angular adjustment and tilt stages, goniometers as well as fine-thread and micrometre screws in the most different specifications. OWIS also provide movement & calibration in the nanometre scale. Linear stages with our appropriate control unit are available, for linear movement and large travels and loads.

This high compatibility within all OWIS positioning systems allows its users the creation of highly customised positioning systems; allowing it to perform for multi-axis combinations and complex movements.

Optical Beam Handling Systems

OWIS provides optical beam installation kits allow the experimenter to provide experimental setups within shortest time. This installation kit is also guaranteed to be compatible with all future series production. Available in various beam handling heights of 25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm (SYS 90).

Optical Components

OWIS optical components are available in both standardised mechanical dimensions but also customised solutions. n addition to the standardized system heights of 25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm (SYS 90), a variety of applications can be realized, due to the location diameters of ø 10 mm / 9.525 mm (3/8″) to ø 152.4 mm (6″).

Manual Positioning Systems

OWIS provides economic solutions for its manual positioning components. The manual positioning systems is also ergonomically designed to be simple and yet capable to provide v precise motions. Therefore, a multitude of applications is possible, also beyond the standardized system heights of 25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm (SYS 90).

Motorised Positioning Systems

Motorised positioning systems are used in research and laboratories as well as in various industrial sectors to automate precise and complex motion sequences. A construction kit with different automation components allows the assembling of complete harmonized systems.