Analytical Technologies Singapore

Quantel laser range from Lumibird offers a wide range of products that meet the special requirements of industrial, military and scientific applications. Lumibird’s tunable lasers are also accurate and durable. 

Tunable OPO Lasers


Simple and reliable design
410 nm – 2.5 µm

Peacock 532

Tunable pulsed nanosecond laser source in the near IR
680 nm – 2.2 µm

Peacock XT

Optical Parametric Oscillator and Nd:YAG pump laser
(405 nm – 2.850 µm)


Fully integrated midband and broadband OPO with 405 nm – 2.75 µm


Modular OPO that can reach high energies in the near IR
660 nm – 2.55 µm


High resolution nanosecond dye laser ranging from 200 nm to 4.5 µm