Analytical Technologies Singapore

The RADIANT tunable laser series utilizes optical parametric oscillator technology to generate wavelengths over a broad range in the MIR. Integration of system components into one compact unit increases ruggedness, minimizes misalignment and allows the user to reposition the system. Included verification hardware enables the user to confirm that beam paths are preserved after shipment or relocation. Hermetically sealed modules protect sensitive optical materials from the environment. A built-in red laser diode is aligned to overlap with the mid-IR output for beam guidance. Wavelength tuning is motorized and computer controlled.

Radiant Series

Radiant QX10 Series

Turnkey System for MIR range
2700 – 3100 nm
3000 – 3450 nm

Radiant QX20 Series

Turnkey System for the NIR range
650 – 2600 nm

Radiant QX30

VIS-NIR System with optional UV tuning ranges
410 – 2500 nm
210 – 2500 nm (w/ UV option)