Analytical Technologies Singapore

The Opolette OPO lasers produces the smallest & lightest tunable lasers in the world.  The tunable range for the Opolette series is also very tailored; available in NIR, VIS & even DUV. This unique ergonomic design allows users to “plug-and-play” as zero installation is required after unboxing. 

Opolette Series
OPO Laser Opolette 2731 OPOTEK Singapore

2731 / 3034

Smallest & lightweight MIR tunable laser

OPO Lasers Opolette 2940 OPOTEL Singapore


Fixed wavelength laser with optimal water absorption technique

OPO Laser Opolette 355 LD OPOTEK Singapore

355 LD

Lightweight laser w board wavelength range across UV,VIS & IR

OPO laser Opolette 532 LD OPOTEK Singapore

532 LD

Ultra compacted & lightweight, specificially for NIR range

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