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The Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) is a parametric oscillator that coverts a regular input laser wave wth frequency in two waves with a relatively lower frequency.  It is best suited for tunable lasers. 

We have different tunable lasers with integrated systems that allows “plug-and-play”.

We distribute OPO tunable laser from OPOTEK, the expert in the field in the OPO tunable laser. We also distribute tunable OPO lasers from Quantel Lasers Lumibird.


One of OPOTEK’s earliest original creation, the MagicPRISM is a compacted & motorised laser module that is built to be compatible with wide variety of nanosecond Nd: YAG pump lasers.

Opolette Series

Opolette series produces the smallest tunable lasers in throughout the entire world. The tiny, compacted & minimalistic features allows the laser to be installation free. 

PhocusCORE OPOTEK Singapore Analytical Technologies

Phocus Series

Phocus series focuses on developing various lasers that are specially catered for photoacoustic applications.

Radiant Series

Radiant series are heavy duty lasers, they are designed to produce wavelengths across a board range through the UV,VIS & IR.


Quantel laser range from Lumibird offers a wide range of products that meet the special requirements of industrial, military and scientific applications. Lumibird’s tunable lasers are also accurate and durable.