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Nd:YAG laser is using Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet as a crystal medium in a solid state laser. Nd:YAG can be used for a lot of applications across multiple fields (i.e. hair removal), but it is best used for Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as it is more fast, efficient & effective to test when used in spectroscopy.

Quantel Lumibird has an extremely holistic range of Nd:YAG lasers that are not categorised by its mechanical differences. Quantel Lumibird creates lasers that stands on user’s edge; (i.e. ruggedised lasers with air-cooled functions instead of water-cooled to help better perform during harsh applications).

We distribute our Nd:YAG Lasers from Quantel Lumibird, the long time expert in developing the best Nd:YAG lasers.

Compacted Pulsed- Lamp Pumped

CFR Series (200-400mJ)

Ruggedised & Vibration Tested

DRL High Repetitive Rate Quantel Singapore

DRL (100,150,200 mJ)

High Repetition Rate Version

DRL Quantel Singapore Analytical Technologies

DRL (650,700,800 mJ)

Low Repetition Rate Version

QRL Quantel Singapore Analytical Technologies

QRL (650-800 mJ)

Two DRLs In One

Q-smart 100 Quantel Singapore

Q-Smart 100 (100mJ)

Compact Laser Head For Seamless Integration

Q-smart 450 Quantel Singapore

Q-Smart (450mJ)

Intelligence In Creation

Q-smart 800 Quantel Singapore

Q-Smart (800mJ)

Ergonomic & simple


Ruggedised Laser Head

*NEW* Falcon (5 mJ)

Ultra compact diode-pumped pulsed 1.57 µm laser

Compacted Pulsed- DPSS

Centurion Quantel Singapore Analytical Technolgies

Centurion (40mJ)

Compacted, Rugged & User-Friendly

Centurion+ Quantel Singapore

Centurion+ (50mJ)

Diode Pumped Q-Switched Laser

*NEW* Viron (30-40 MJ)

Efficiency At Its Best

Compacted Pulsed Ultra-ns Series

Nd:YAG Merion C Quantel Singapore

*NEW* Merion C

Powerhouse For Repetition Rates

Nd;YAG Merion MW Quantel

*NEW* Merion MW

Modular Wavelength Diode Pumped

Doubled Pulsed

Double Pulsed ND:YAG EverBright Quantel Singapore

EverBright (150-250 mJ@ 1064nm)

For LIBS Applications

Double Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser EverGreen Quantel Singapore

EverGreen ² (70-200 mJ @ 532 nm)

The Golden Standard For PIV

EverGreen HP Quantel Singapore

EverGreen HP (50-340 mJ @ 532nm)

Combining 2 DRL In 1 for PIV

Q-smart Twins Quantel Singapore

Q-Smart Twins (380mJ @532nm)

Double The Intelligence & Flexibility

Nd:YAG Twins BSL Quantel Singapore

BSL Twins

Double Pulsing on One Optical Axis

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